• Testimonials

"I started working at Pollo Tropical as a Team Member right after I came from my country, and they gave me the opportunity to learn and advance in my career to the point where I am now – District Manager. After 18 years of employment, I can honestly say that it is a pleasure to work for a company that provides so many opportunities for professional growth, great benefits and the ability to advance in different ways. I love this company for the stability that it has provided to me and my family; I cannot imagine having a career somewhere else, and I plan to be here until I retire. Thanks Pollo Tropical"

- Glenda Caceres, District Manager

"I really love Pollo Tropical because it allows me to be who I am. We have wonderful people, such as those I’ve worked for who have given me the opportunity to serve our employees and guests. I came from the restaurants, I am Pollo Tropical just like you are, and together we will make this the best company in the world."


"Pollo Tropical treats you with respect, they treat you like family. I had a couple of different career opportunities but I chose Pollo because of what I had heard and what I had read. They have exceeded my expectations."

- Sean Bealler, General Manager

"Pollo Tropical provides a fun, friendly, welcoming environment to both employees and consumers alike. It has taught me many skills that will serve me throughout my life. I have grown both professionally and personally on so many different levels, due to the training and hands on approach that upper management has always made available and provided. I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to be a part of such a unique, educational and supportive organization. "

- Wilfredo Vidal, District Manager

"We are passionate about we we do. Pollo Tropical has a heart, "corazon" as they say. The culture is based on family."

- Rhonda Pruitt, General Manager