• Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Pollo Tropical® for markets OUTSIDE the United States. PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY. Pollo Tropical® is currently expanding internationally through its franchise program. Our program involves direct franchising to restaurant operators (not master franchises with sub-franchisees). This means all candidates for franchises must demonstrate the following characteristics to be considered:

  1. Significant experience in high volume, multi-unit restaurant management. This may include hotel, contract feeding, catering or other hospitality industry experience. Five years or more is desired. Ownership of the operations in question is not required, but it does add to the qualifications of the candidate. (If the candidate is a financial investor, an equity partner must fulfill this requirement.)

  2. Demonstrated experience and success in developing commercial and retail properties.

  3. Excellent credit and personal/business references.

  4. A business infrastructure able to support an investment and operation of the size at issue.

  5. Verifiable minimum net worth of $5.0 million US (greater for large territorial development agreements).

  6. Verifiable unencumbered liquid assets of $1.5 million US (greater for large territorial development agreements).

  7. Adequate capital reserves available to fulfill the development opportunity.

These strict requirements reflect the capital and resources needed given that building a single restaurant may cost well over a million dollars US and our minimum commitment is five restaurants.

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