• Online Inquiry

If you feel you qualify, please respond by filling out the initial inquiry form below – PHASE ONE. At a later point in the process you will be required to provide acceptable documentation for the PHASE TWO financial qualification.
PHASE ONE: BEFORE PROVIDING FINANCIALS – This may be done right on this page, using the text blocks after each question and by pressing the “submit” button at the end. If, alternatively, you prefer to submit these answers in a separate e-mail, please do so to: internationalfranchising@pollotropical.com

PHASE TWO: FOR FINANCIAL APPROVAL (This part of the process takes place after initial meetings and the determination by Pollo Tropical® that the candidate is preliminarily qualified. These steps are done not-online, but rather in confidential correspondence between the candidates and Pollo Tropical.)

  • Please provide documentation of the stated financial requirements using credible third-party verifications. (Examples: Audited financial statements from owned businesses; current bank statements; current investment account statements; signed letters from bank officers on letterhead.)

  • Please include in the above documentation acceptable proof that you have sufficient capital to fund cash outflows for personnel training and working capital during the early development phase of the business.

  • No candidate for the franchise can be approved without providing the PHASE TWO financial documentation. We recognize that some investors are sensitive about revealing the location and magnitude of their holdings, but this is a mandatory and entirely reasonable part of this process. Rest assured that all documents provided are kept 100% confidential.


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