• FAQs

What is Pollo Tropical?

Pollo Tropical® (Spanish for “Tropical Chicken” – pronounced PO-yo trōp-ee-CAL ) is a warm and friendly Miami-based family of fast-casual restaurants featuring a real fire-grill where we prepare fresh, marinated chicken in a tropical Latin style along with a variety of other dishes, complemented by Caribbean inspired side dishes, a “salsa bar” offering freshly made salsas, sauces and condiments, and a full menu of sandwiches, soups, wraps, salads and desserts … all embodying our motto: Food You Feel Better About Eating.

The company is growing internationally through the proven business model of franchising, backed by an unwavering commitment to outstanding support, product innovation, defense of the brand and its trademarks, and unparalleled restaurant management systems.

What is Pollo Tropical NOT?

Pollo Tropical is NOT a QSR restaurant. We are not simply a food assembly plant; we actually prepare and cook food just as the best restaurants do.

Pollo Tropical is NOT a Mexican restaurant. Our home of Miami is an international city with a distinctly Caribbean Latin flair.

Pollo Tropical is NOT a master franchise scheme. We are in the business of running our own restaurants in our home market of the USA, and in international markets we generally award franchises only to those who wish to own and run their restaurants too.

Pollo Tropical is NOT a fried chicken brand competing with the giants like KFC®, etc. We are in the fresh, marinated, fire-grilled chicken business – not breading or battering and deep-frying in oil.

What countries are being targeted for franchise development by Pollo Tropical?

Outside the Western Hemisphere, the company has recently allowed regions in India to be available, and the developed economies of Asia and the Middle East as well as the UK, Turkey and other key economies are open for consideration (if you represent a group in a new market not near an existing Pollo Tropical franchise, please do not hesitate to contact the International Development department to see if your market is available).

Does Pollo Tropical provide financing?

No, Pollo Tropical only selects franchisees with the financial strength to fund their own development. Note that there are certain US Government backed programs that may be available to finance the export of US-manufactured equipment, however, and we are more than happy to connect our franchisees with those agencies.

Does Pollo Tropical operate in food courts?

Yes.  Recognizing that in some international markets food courts are the primary method of developing restaurant brands, the company does have the flexibility to adapt to food court locations.  It is important to understand, however, that the because the sales generated in food courts is usually lower than sales from free-standing locations, Pollo Tropical encourages its international franchisees to seek prime free-standing locations whenever possible, especially for the first restaurants in each market.

Does Pollo Tropical adapt the menu or service style to local tastes?

Our brand is successful because we deliver a consistent, excellent product with Caribbean hospitality in a comfortable and welcoming environment unique to Pollo Tropical. This does not change, wherever our brand is developed. Some minor adaptations do take place, though, to ensure acceptance in international markets. In every country, our R&D team and the franchise department assess what adaptations may or may not need to be made to our menu, our service style or any other elements of our system. Any changes must be approved by Pollo Tropical, and at all times and in all markets world-wide our recipes and our “trade dress” (the trademarks, colors, uniforms, menu design, etc.) are rigorously maintained.

I am not in the hospitality industry - may I still apply to be a candidate for the franchise?

In general, Pollo Tropical only awards franchises to companies already in the chain restaurant business or a related hospitality industry field. Under certain circumstances, established holding companies in other industries may be considered on a case-by-case basis, provided they demonstrate exceptional organization with the resources and infrastructure needed to create a viable restaurant development company.

It is important to understand that success in the chain restaurant business requires an incredible amount of hard work, excellent real estate and consistent compliance with system standards. Today’s food service environment is exceedingly competitive all over the world, and only companies with significant financial resources and a deep understanding of the business from an operational, marketing and a real-estate development perspective can expect to compete effectively in this marketplace.

What do I do now?

Please fill out the online inquiry, and you will be contacted by Pollo Tropical if you have the required qualifications.