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The world could use more palm trees

You know why beach vacations are the most popular in the world? The same reason there isn’t a big time share market in Iowa. People love the sand, the water, the palm trees and especially the food that goes with it.

We started this business in Miami and have carefully expanded, both in and out of the U.S., around this delicious, laid-back way of life. So if you’ve got the spirit of the islands in your blood, join us. We’re looking for eager, fun-loving people to help us deliver new flavors one palm tree at a time.

Fact:  More than 20 million people dine at more than 170 locations throughout the Southeast U.S., Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Honduras, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela and Guatemala. That means some 6.8 billion are still in the dark about our amazing tropical territories.

Although we don’t currently offer traditional franchises in the continental United States, we are actively seeking new partners for non-traditional, “institutional” licensed restaurants (e.g., college campuses, airports, etc.).  We do franchise in markets outside the United States.


  • Pollo Tropical Restaurant
  • Pollo Tropical Counter
  • Pollo Tropical Dining Room