• Fundraising/Sponsorships/Donations

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  • Smart Savings Card

    The Pollo Tropical® Smart Savings Card is a food discount card that features 8 offers available at Pollo Tropical. Organizations may sell the cards to their family, friends, neighbors and other supporters for just $1 and keep all the proceeds (after a 10¢ per card S&H fee) for their specific fundraising needs. Cards must be requested at least 3 WEEKS in advance.

  • Benefit Night

    It’s a fresh way to feed your fund with delicious tropical fare! Pollo Tropical will donate 20% of the gross food sales generated by your organization. Details to be provided upon receipt of application. Dates subject to availability. Request must be made 3 WEEKS in advance to schedule your benefit night or your application will not be considered. Payment to the school will take 30-45 days to process. Note only available for elementary schools.

  • Food Donation

    Donations are approved on a limited basis depending on available resources, timing, and the purpose of the donation. All food donation requests should be submitted 6-8 WEEKS in advance. Note: Only available for limited markets, with a maximum of 50 people. If request is part of an event please complete an event sponsorship form.

  • Event Sponsorship

    Sponsorship acceptance is based on available resources, timing and the goals and purpose of the sponsorship. Pollo Tropical will consider all proposals and will base its decision on the completion of the form along with all necessary accompanying documents. Please allow at least 6-8 WEEKS weeks in advance for review and feedback.

  • Bookmarks

    Our customized bookmarks are a great way for schools, individual classes, and other learning programs to promote reading and literacy. There are 5 fields for students to keep track of their accomplishments. It even comes with a delicious reward–a coupon, for a free kid’s meal with a purchase of an adult entrée. Please allow at least 2 WEEKS for processing.

  • Achievement Awards

    Designed to provide teachers, coaches and counselors with an inexpensive way to recognize student milestones and accomplishments. These merit-based awards include an enticing incentive, a coupon for a free kid’s meal with the purchase of an entrée. Please allow at least 2 WEEKS for processing.